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I feel a haul a-brewing…

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Trying out the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer. Shade 402 across the universe. Loveeeeeee.


Осінь ще з студентських років була для мене особлива пора, найбагатша на відчуття, кольори, чудеса. Тільки восени я умудрялася закохатись по вуха і провести три місяці «золотої» в рожевих окулярах. А ці відчуття не забуваються і тепер коли мої закоханості давно позаду, любов у мене тепер одна на все життя, осінь залишається чудовим флеш-беком.

Тому хочу поділитись з вами візуалізаціями в цю не надто теплу і дощову осінь, щоб підняти вам настрій і надихнути на приємні звершення.

Love this autumn pics. Make me feel all cosy inside.

Thinking of picking up the Soap & Glory Extreme Plumping gloss today. Any thoughts on this product?

…one heck of a dissapointment! Sadly it just slipped off after an hour or so. Again like the Rimmel stay matte, would be great on a night out to blot away shine. Not great for a busy day at work though!

Soap and Glorys, One Heck of a Blot translucent powder. Ive heard good things. £10.99, so a little pricey for self selection. Will it make all my shine free dreams come true? Ill keep you posted.

OMG! Its a real life miracle worker. I was so impressed with my Origins purchases the other day i went back and picked up this cult product. Does it work? Hell yes!! Painful under the skin blemished shrink, whilst reducing reddness. Icky raised spots disapear! And its not drying! I have tried the clinique version of this product. Its drys your skin for days, and leaves marks. This little beauty helps to heal pigmentation marks left by blemishes. Go out and get one! A bathroom cabinet must have!

So in love with Origins! Why has it taken me do long to discover this brand. Thoughts coming soon!

So many beauty products, so little time! On this page i will talk about products that i want to try, and what i think of them when (and if) i buy them! A couple of hauls thrown in for good measure, and what ive been getting upto in the world of beauty!

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